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Jumbo Marshmallow Cannon

We combined the Infamous Marshmallow Shooter with Stomp Rocket and created the sweetest launcher around – introducing the Jumbo Marshmallow Cannon! Enjoy!


New Valentine’s Gami-bots are here!

For your special Valentine, introducing Love Bots (origami robot kits). Kits include 4 origami sheets, easy to follow instructions, a 3V battery, 1 vibration motor, mounting tape, stickers, and lots of TLC!



Gami-bot Kits!!!

We have reopened our Howtoons store and are now selling our books Howtoons: Tools of Mass Construction and Howtoons: [RE]ignition. We are also proud to announce our new Gami-bot kits! Kits include a special limited edition holiday character! The recommended age is 8+.


Gami-bot Kit: Is a fun way to learn and play with simple circuits. This kit includes easy to follow instructions, origami sheets, a vibration motor, 1 LED, 3V coin battery, mounting tape, and stickers.



Drawing Gami-bot Kit: A well designed inexpensive origami drawing bot. This kit includes easy to follow instructions, origami sheets, mini markers, a vibration motor, 3V coin battery, mounting tape, and stickers.



Santa Fe Train Costume Directions


santafe  santafe2

MATERIALS: 1- 14″ x 14″ x 14″ cardboard box, 1- 12″ x 18″ x 18″ box, glue, acrylic pain, 1″ masking tape, 1/2″ yellow masking tape1/4″ in black masking tape, 1/8″ in black art tape, 2.5 yards of nylon straps,  tap light


STEP 1: To design your front section – measure, score along the red lines (see thumbnails for details) and cut along the black line. Using a 12″ x 18″ x 18″ box, measure and cut out front section. Score along the red lines (see thumbnails details).


train2detail  train2b  train3

STEP 2: Assemble the train front. Because the front box is 12″ wide you will need to trim 1″ off the sides and bottom. Glue the inside flaps to the top. Reinforce the inside with duct tape. Carefully reinforce the outside with 1″ masking tape. You want to keep the masking tape neat so you can easily paint over it.


train4a  train4btrain4dtrain4c 

STEP 3: Assemble the back. You can create a shorter train by closing the box and adding a 14″ x 14″ x 14″ piece of cardboard for a finished look. For a longer train, extend the box and add the back of another 14″ x 14″ x 14″ box, inserting the sides inside the box for extra stability. Carefully add masking tape to the outside edges.

train5a  train5b

STEP 4: Cut out the bottom.train7

STEP 5: Measure and cut out the top. Score the red lines. Create a train dash board by adding an extra piece of cardboard to the top. Fold and attach to the inside of the of the train. See thumb for finished result.


train6b train6c train6e

STEP 6: Design and paint your train. You can use masking tape for detailing.

train9c  train9d

STEP 7: Design and detail the train with tape. Start with the 1/2″ yellow masking tape, overlapping the edges to create the curves. Trim the excess pieces with an X-Acto knife. Add the 1/4″ black masking tape, partially overlapping the yellow tape. For curves, overlap and trim. Use the 1/4″ masking tape and 1/8″ art tape for lettering the train and details. Paint and add a light for the front.

train10d  train10a  train10b  train10c

STEP 8: to add the spinning wheels. Cut and paint wheels. Drill a hole into the wheels and train. Attach with brass fasteners. Reinforce the back with tape to prevent the fasteners from loosening.

train12a  train12b

STEP 9: add the straps. Drill 2 holes in the front of the train and in the back of the train. Insert 1″ x 3 feet nylon straps into the 4 holes tying a not at the end. Adjust and tie straps together.

train13a   train13c   train13d

STEP 10: Add the candy gas tank. First cut a hole in the front of the box 3″Diameter or just slightly smaller than a plastic peanut butter container. Cut slits around the circle – so the jar will fit snuggly in. Cut the bottom off of the container. Tie a bag around it. Push the container into the hole, securing it to the inside of the train with tape. Paint and add cap to close.


train11a  train11b  train11c  train11d  train11g  train11h

STEP 11: Add more trains!



Happy Halloween!

It is one of our favorite times of the year, Halloween. A time where we get to break out our hot glue guns and sewing machines, buy yards of tacky fabrics, and recycle our soda bottles and cardboard boxes – all for trick or treating fun. My son always picks the most random and challenging Halloween costumes. A couple of years ago, he wanted to be an airplane. Last year he was a seagull. This year, he wants to be the Santa Fe Super Chief. Good luck making! Here are some Howtoons costume ideas.