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Howtoons [Re]Ignition Issue #3 out today!

Howtoons [Re]Ignition Issue #3 hits stores today. Featuring the all-star team Fred Van Lente, Tom Fowler, Jordie Bellaire, and Rus Wooton! This is one of my favorite issue’s to date!

Celine and Tuck learn the hard way they’re not the only residents of the ruined city when the feral ORPHANS attack! Can the siblings survive when separated from each other? More projects! More SCIENCE!

Here is a preview of the issue:


Howtoons [RE]Ignition Preview

Howtoons is getting ready to kick off the longest toon yet. Featuring an all-star team Fred Van Lente, Tom Fowler, and Jordie Bellaire!

Tuck and Celine’s parents put their family in suspended animation to ride out the ecological apocalypse but when the kids wake up to find Mom & Dad are gone, they have to make their way across a brave and terrifying new world to find their parents…using only their Howtoons projects to survive! The series hits comicbook stores 8/5! Here is a sneak peak.



Howtoons on TreeHugger

Check out the Howtoons slide show on TreeHugger.  TreeHugger is a great website dedicated to helping the masses get hooked on sustainability.  Thanks TreeHugger for your support!

Eye think!

This goggle ‘toon is one of the latest.  It kind of marks a new direction for Howtoons.  This one was specifically made to be black and white, with the intent to make Howtoons as easy to distribute as possible.  It runs off nicely on a copier, so get it out there.

The goggle ‘toon has no story.  The panels don’t even have borders!  Hopefully that makes it a quick read and gets right to the point.  The durable plastic of a soda bottle makes a nice pair of safety goggles, especially when protecting your eyes against marshmallows! Who knew trash could be so inspiring?



robofingers1 It’s called Robots Within Reach.  Using just straws and string we can create robotic like finger extensions.

The ‘toon was inspired by our friend in India, Mr. Arvind Gupta.  His Toys from Trash website is amazing!  He and his team have cataloged over 100 projects, all open source and ready to be devoured.

It was an honor when Arvind contacted us to ask if we could illustrate some of his projects.  In exchange, he offered to translate Howtoons into Hindi and Marathi.  So look out India, here comes Howtoons!

After attending Maker Faire 2009 there is no doubt we are headed for a fully robotic future.  Robots were easily the most popular subject at the show.  I wonder though, will we go the way of Star Trek or the Terminator?  Check out these photos from cnet news to see the robots that were at Maker Faire!  The future is now.